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We are the oldest and largest multiracial women’s organization in the world.
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leaders for racial justice and women’s empowerment

Each year, families, businesses and groups of friends become holiday elves for families in need in the Greater Newburyport community.  These families are our neighbors, co-workers and friends.  Some have children in the public schools or YWCA childcare programs, some live in affordable housing, some are struggling to make ends meet.  At the YWCA and NYS, we feel strongly that everyone should have a joyous holiday season. We need your help to make that happen.  We are looking for elves that will fulfill the wishes of a family or help us make holiday wishes come true in other ways.  We have been running this heartwarming and successful program for over 8 years.  Last year, we worked hard to connect the local service agencies and schools to stream our efforts into a community wide program.  Our staff elves work very hard to make this an organized, fun and joyous experience for you, our volunteer elves.  We hope we can continue our magic this year as you make this decision to spread joy!

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