swim lessons



Due to  the COVID Pandemic, our swim lesson offerings have changed.  Please check the home page for schedules and times.


The YWCA has swim lessons for all ages beginning at 6 months.  They are a fun, engaging way for children and adults to become confident swimmers who enjoy and feel safe in the water.  We offer group and private swim lessons as well as adult swim lessons.  Children’s classes are 30 minutes long.

infant with parent

In this class, infants begin to be comfortable in the water by playing water games, singing songs, and repeating skills.
ages: 6 – 18 months

Monday           9:35 am 
Wednesday     9:35 am 
Friday              9:35 am 
Saturday          8:25 am and 9:35 am

toddler with parent

Now that we are toddlers, we’re ready to swim! We play, sing, and learn kicking, reach and pull, jumping in, and blowing bubbles
ages: 18 – 36 months

Monday           9:00 am and 10:10 am
Wednesday     9:00 am and 10:10 am
Friday              9:00 am and 10:10 am
Saturday          9:00 am and 10:10 am


Pre-school swim lessons are designed to meet the unique needs of young children as they develop and strengthen swimming skills. Children are grouped by ability. Caregivers must remain in the YWCA building the entire class time. Goggles are strongly recommended.
ages: 3 – 5 years  (not yet in Kindergarten)

Monday           9:00 am; 9:35 am; 10:10 am; 3:20 pm; 3:55 pm; 4:30 pm
Tuesday          9:00 am; 9:35 am; 3:20 pm; 3:55 pm; 4:30 pm
Wednesday     9:00 am; 9:35 am; 1:00 pm; 3:20 pm; 3:55 pm; 4:30 pm
Thursday         9:00 am; 9:35 am; 3:20 pm; 3:55 pm; 4:30 pm
Friday              9:00 am; 9:35 am; 10:10 am; 3:20 pm; 3:55 pm; 4:30 pm
Saturday          9:00 am; 10:10 am;10:45 am

school aged

School-age swim lessons are structured with the older child in mind. As bodies and minds mature, so does the ability to develop their swim skills. Youth are grouped by ability. Classes are held in the lap pool. Goggles are strongly recommended.

ages: 5 years + (must be currently enrolled in Kindergarten)

Monday            3:20 pm; 3:55 pm
Tuesday           3:20 pm; 3:55 pm 
Wednesday      3:20 pm; 3:55 pm 
Thursday          3:20 pm; 3:55 pm
Friday               3:20 pm; 3:55 pm; 4:30 pm
Saturday           9:35 am; 10:45 am


This smaller class is designed for children with disabilities unable to participate in the regular school-aged class.
Saturday           11:30 am

maximum 3 per class

semi private and private swim lessons

The YWCA Greater Newburyport is happy to offer the option of private swimming lessons for adults, children and/or athletes. Fill out a form at the front desk and we will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your first lesson.  Classes are 30 minutes long.

adult lessons

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced swimmer looking to improve your technique, this class will be tailored to fit the experience and level of each participant, ranging from water safety and introduction to swim techniques to advanced concepts aimed at improving stroke technique.
Wednesday         10:10 am     Classes are 45 minutes long.


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