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YWCA President Annmary Connor speaks at the YWCA Lobby Day at the State House in Boston.
Former YWCA President Annmary Connor speaks at the YWCA Lobby Day at the State House in Boston.

ywca greater newburyport board of directors 

Our Board is composed of 15 Directors. In order to promote leadership in young women, High School Students are encouraged to participate on the Board of Directors. Students are permitted to serve one-year terms instead of three-year terms:

Lila Teeters, President

Margaret McCarthy, Treasurer

Christine Allen, Secretary,

Abigail Allain,

Pamela Brown,

Nancy Caswell,

Melissa Cody,

Gail Fayre,

Nancy Jones,

Juli MacDonald,

Deborah Rider,

Maddy Signore,

Neesha Suarez, and

Meo Young


The YWCA Greater Newburyport is a Massachusetts Charitable Corporate organized under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 180 and is also an exempt organization under IRS Section 501 (c)(3). As such, it has a volunteer Board of Directors who meet throughout the year to: ensure that the YWCA Greater Newburyport works to fulfill its mission, develop and implement a strategic plan, provide financial oversight, including conducting an annual audit, and serve as ambassadors of the YWCA throughout the community.


The YWCA Board of Directors conducts much of its work through committees. Several of these committees are open to non-Board Members including Affordable Housing, Development and Racial Justice. People interested in supporting the work of the YWCA through one of these committees should contact the Executive Director.


joining the board

The YWCA Greater Newburyport is governed by its by-laws which allow the Board to select its own Directors at the annual board meeting or whenever a vacancy exists. Those who are interested in serving on the Board, should complete an application and submit it to the Executive Director.  Because the Board is limited in size, not all who wish to serve on the Board will be considered.


standards of conduct

All Board Members and Committee Members are subject to the YWCA’s Standards of Conduct and must complete an annual  Conflict of Interest form: