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school’s out

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care licensed afterschool program run by the YWCA Greater Newburyport gives parents the freedom to pursue their professional goals while their children participate in safe, affordable, quality programs. Children have the opportunity to explore, discover and expand their cognitive and social skills in a caring, supportive environment. Our curriculum is threaded with experiences that encourage children to develop an appreciation for diversity, a sense of their leadership potential and a value for community service.

The YWCA offers afterschool care at the Bresnahan School from dismissal until 6 pm Monday through Friday for the full curriculum days of the Newburyport Public Schools. School’s Out students in grades K-5 participate in activities in the cafeteria, gym and outdoor playground. The program includes time for planned curriculum, homework, physical activities and entertaining fun. Healthy snacks are provided. Two, three and five day options are available.  Care is provided on early release days and vacations.  Transportation is available from the Upper Elementary School to the Bresnahan School for 4th and 5th grade students.  The YWCA has a summer camp for school age children based at the Bresnahan School.

our philosophy

We provide a warm, caring atmosphere where children are accepted unconditionally. All programs are inclusive, open to all children regardless of color, race, economic status, religious background, or family composition. Staff members strive to create an environment which is a careful balance between reliable security and stimulation that fosters exploration and growth.

our activities and curriculum

School-aged programs improve academic performance, social and developmental outcomes, contribute to healthy lifestyle options, and prevent many risky behaviors. The key factors in supporting positive outcomes include access to and sustained participation in quality programming with strong partnerships with schools, families and the community. In collaboration with many youth programs in our area, the ywca school-aged program draws on the 40 Developmental Asset Model.  This model helps young people grow up healthy, caring and responsible and engages all the adults in children’s lives (parents, youth staff and school personnel) in that process. 

  • promote a sense of self-worth: A positive self-concept is the bedrock of all learning and growth.
  • foster independence and self-discipline: These two elements are necessary ingredients for problem solving and achievement.
  • provide opportunities for success: This encourages risk taking and appropriate expansion of parameters.
  • meet each child’s unique needs whenever possible: A concept which builds trust and a respect for others.
  • create a caring, respectful community: This sense of community grows from the individual program to the school, family, and the community at large.  


The YWCA offers EPIC Programming for some of the early release days and vacation days based on staff and space availability.  All EPIC offerings will be published throughout the school year as the logistics are ironed out.

our parent handbook

for additional school’s out information, please contact our site director at this email.