engaging community luncheon




Wednesday April 10
12 noon
Blue Ocean Music Hall, Salisbury

Maureen Alphonse-Charles will help us explore the importance of workplace diversity.  Research has demonstrated that diverse teams consistently outperform more homogenous groups in terms of problem solving. It turns out that being similar to others leads people to assume that they share common experiences, ideas, and opinions, which closes off entire lines of discussion. One study even showed that participants were more likely to consider conflicting opinions when they came from someone they regarded as different than themselves. In fact, simply adding diversity to a group seems to make people more likely to believe that there are differences worth discussing.  For these reasons, diverse teams are far more likely to generate new ideas and creative solutions to problems. They take fewer assumptions for granted and pull inspiration from a wider range of experiences, which leads to the kind of dynamic innovation needed for success in today’s economy.


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